What can you do?


Are you ready to speak now?  Help us share the truth about GSUSA with families everywhere.  Don't let others be deceived!  Do you...

  • Know a Girl Scout family or a Girl Scout leader?
  • Belong to a church or religious group?
  • Have a Right to Life organization or a pro-life crisis pregnancy center in your area?
  • Have a blog, use facebook or other social networking?
  • Have conservative media contacts?
  • Belong to the Catholic church? click here for more info

Please share the truth about Girl Scouts and encouarge community contacts, friends and family to visit www.SpeakNowGirlScouts.com

Don't be discouraged by a negative or dismissive response. Many people don't want to believe the truth about what Girl Scouts has become.  We do our part by sharing the facts and leave the rest up to God.