2011 GSUSA Convention

Welcome to the Girl Scouts 2011 National Council Session/52nd Convention~ A Celebration of Girl Scouts of the USA’s 100th Anniversary, to be held in Houston, Texas in November. This event is hosted by Girl Scouts San Jacinto Council of Houston. Here's a peek at the role models and speakers GSUSA will be featuring.  Please note that although Girl Scouts USA will feature several pro-abortion, pro-homosexual advocates, there are no speakers representing the movement to uphold the sanctity of life or the dignity of marriage.

You'll notice that many of the speakers below are connected to Planned Parenthood. Why is it so concerning to us that the Girl Scouts organization is exposing girls to Planned Parenthood? Because Planned Parenthood teaches promiscuity to children, grooming future birth control and abortion clients.  Because at the Planned Parenthood sex-ed events for youth, Planned Parenthood has distributed “educational” material, considered by many groups to be pornographic, to kids as young as 10 years old. 

Selected GSUSA Convention speakers and their accolades listed below.

(Also see media coverage of the Convention:  World Net Daily, Christian Post, Women of Grace, LifeNews)

Swanee Hunt Swanee Hunt’s mission is to achieve gender parity, especially as a means to end war and rebuild societies, as well as to alleviate poverty and other human suffering.

And here’s the rest of the story that was not presented in Ms. Hunt’s GSUSA speaker bio:  Swanee Hunt convened Unconventional Women, a six-hour program featuring more than 20 female political leaders for an audience of 3000 in Denver, concurrent with the Democratic National Convention. Following that, she created Women’s Voting Circles, a program that engaged more than 1,200 activists who brought 10,000 of the least likely to vote women to the polls to vote for President Obama. She continues to gather current or potential office holders for substantive discussions with experts and supporters. She has remained very active in the Democratic Party, supporting candidates at all levels. During the 2004 election, Hunt was national co-chair of Dick Gephardt’s 2004 presidential bid and subsequently active in John Kerry’s campaign.

In an article called Gagged and Bound, Hunt complains about Bush’s pro-life efforts as well as the president’s ban on late term abortion. She also bashes Catholic Bishops for being out of step with the public  “Catering to the religious right, Bush is also winning kudos from Catholic bishops, who have just renewed their hard-line stance against contraception as part of their anti-abortion campaign. These men are out of step with the public: 96% of Catholics ignore Church teaching on contraception, and a majority of Americans support a woman’s right to choose.”

Annise Parker   Annise D. Parker, a second-generation native Houstonian, is the city's 61st mayor and one of only two women to hold Houston's highest elected office.

And here’s the rest of the story that was not presented in Mayor Parker’s GSUSA speaker bio: Parker is the first homosexual mayor of a major U.S. city.   Parker, who lives with her life partner Kathy Hubbard, campaign treasurer for Planned Parenthood, and their three adopted children, also sits on the board of the pro-abortion girls club, Girls Inc. Parker can be seen here at a ribbon cutting ceremony marking the opening of the largest Planned Parenthood facility in the Western Hemisphere. Parker’s upcoming bid for re-election as Houston Mayor is endorsed by Planned Parenthood. (Originally the GSUSA Speaker bio noted Parker’s “life partner”, but this information was later scrubbed from the bio on the Girl Scouts official website).

Sylvia R Garcia President of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.

And here’s the rest of the story that was not presented in Ms. Garcia’s GSUSA speaker bio: Ms. Garcia's organization, National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) is quite connected to Planned Parenthood through common goals and collaboration. In June 2011, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and Planned Parenthood Trust of South Texas joined the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH), Catholics for Choice, EMILY’s List, and Annie’s List as co-hosts of a reception celebrating champions for Latina health during the 28th Annual Conference of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO). See this link for Planned Parenthood's announcement of this event with NALEO entitled "Women’s Health Advocates Celebrate Champions of Latina Health

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards praised Ms. Garcia for her help with the protection of "reproductive rights" (which of course includes abortion). Ms. Richards states "Attacks on Planned Parenthood are attacks on the health and well-being of Latinas and their families.  Without the leadership and commitment of people like Congressman Gonzalez and NALEO President Sylvia R. Garcia, and the countless other Latinos and Latinas in elected and appointed office, Latino communities would see their reproductive rights stripped away and their health suffer.” At the 2011 NALEO Conference, Planned Parenthood was both a featured speaker and an exhibitor.

CJ  Golden    According to the GSUSA Convention speaker bio, Ms. Golden is author of TAO OF THE DEFIANT WOMAN, and TAO-GIRLS RULE!  Her approach combines Taoism with a good dose of modern-day defiance.  (New age teachings AND defiance?). GSUSA boasts that Ms. Golden “has worked with Girl Scout councils around the country to bring her uplifting message to facilitators and girls alike.”  The speaker bio also promotes Golden’s website TaoGirls.com (where girls can link up to GirlZone.com and TeenWire, Planned Parenthood’s website for teens ~ see below)

And here’s the rest of the story that was not presented in Ms. Golden’s GSUSA speaker bio: If you're not familiar with Taoism, consider this article excerpt by Sue Brinkmann, a New Age expert.  “Taoism does not admit a Creator who is conscious and personal or who strives for us. Neither does Taoism admit original sin, though it recognizes destructive behavior. In Taoism there is no need for salvation, only enlightenment.”   Ms. Golden's website TaoGirl.com links to TaoGirls regular column on GirlZone.com. Both Girl Scouts USA and TaoGirl.com are listed as Content Partners for GirlZone. According to GirlZone "Content Partners support the Girl Zone mission." GirlZone provides listing of resources for girls under to topic of "know your body" including:

Katie Couric American journalist and author Katie Couric serves as special correspondent for ABC News, contributing to ABC World News, Nightline, 20/20, Good Morning America, This Week, and primetime news specials.

And here’s the rest of the story that was not presented in Ms. Couric’s GSUSA speaker bio: The keynote speaker at the 2011 Girl Scouts USA Convention is pro-abortion, far-left journalist Katie Couric whose long career is full of controversial comments ranging from the praise of communist dictator Fidel Castro and Sadam Hussein to throwing her support behind liberal pro-abortion politicians such as Bill and Hillary Clinton while bashing conservative icons such as Ronald Reagan. See this clip where Couric is outed as an abortion activist.

Dana Agamalian Philanthropist, Founder and Girl Scouts Mom.

And here’s the rest of the story that was scrubbed from Ms. Agamalian’s GSUSA speaker bio: Ms. Agamalian serves as a committee member for Planned Parenthood as listed on her bio here. GSUSA even included the Planned Parenthood accolodate on the original speaker bio on their website ~ whoops! The Planned Parenthood accolade from the GS version of her bio was recently removed.  GSUSA must have changed their mind about sharing that part of the story. (Click here to see a screenshot of the Girl Scout speaker bio before it was scrubbed)

Debra Gano CEO and President of Be Your Own You, Author, and Former Model.

And here’s the rest of the story that was not presented in Ms. Gano’s GSUSA speaker bio: After girls hear Ms. Gano share about herself and her groups, Heartlight Girls and Be Your Own You, at the GSUSA Convention, girls can find these groups on Facebook. When they do, the Heartlight Girls/Gano page will be connect them to two Planned Parenthood groups, (Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley and Planned Parenthood Action Fund), Feministing (pro-abortion), Women Media Center (pro-abortion) and Advocates for Youth (pro-abortion).  Click here to see the Heartlight Facebook and their live links (via the "LIKES" section) providing connections to many pro-abortion groups including the ones listed above.  On Gano's Facebook Page "Be Your Own You", girls can link up to Women's Media Center (pro-abortion) and Girls Inc. (a pro-abortion group for girls).

Gano also has a talk show on a network called "Energy of the Spirit". Gano's bio on her show description reads "Debra Gano as founder and CEO of Heartlight Girls, she conducts workshops and speaking engagements for youth and adults, teaching empowerment, self-esteem principles, awareness of inner beauty and strength, and motivates others to connect to one’s true self." You'll be sure to hear new age teachings from Gano on this talk show.

In 2011, Gano was speaker for International Women's Day, an event that International Planned Parenthood lauds as an opportunity to advocate for global abortion and sexual rights for all, including youth.

Monique Coleman  Actress, Singer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. Coleman has been named the United Nations "Youth Champion."

And here’s the rest of the story
that was not presented by GSUSA in Ms. Coleman’s speaker bio:   Coleman and her group GimmeMo recently co-sponsored an event with the UN Population Fund, International Women's Health Coalition, Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health and others.

Catherine B. Reynolds Catherine B. Reynolds is chairman and chief executive officer of the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation, the mission of which is to help educate young people, inspire them to believe in their power to make a difference as individuals, and motivate them to reach their greatest potential as citizens and productive members of society.  

And here’s the rest of the story that was not presented by GSUSA in Ms. Reynold’s speaker bio:  "The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Program in Social Entrepreneurship [at New York University] is designed to attract, encourage and train a new generation of leaders in public service."  Through Ms. Reynolds program, Margaret Sanger is featured as a role model and “Social Entrepreneur”. Included in Sanger’s bio on Ms. Reynolds site is the following accolade: “In 1921, she [Sanger] founded the American Birth Control League, one of the parent organizations of the Birth Control Federation of America, which became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1942.”