Our Journey

It's Our Story: We're Telling It.  After being involved in Girl Scouts for the past eight years of our lives, leaving the organization, which we had held in high regard for a vast expanse of time, without a backward glance wasn’t the easiest thing we’ve ever done. But by March 2010 it was becoming increasingly apparent that GSUSA had a set of beliefs so far from our own that it was impossible to comprehend.

The first eye-opening, and quite honestly, jaw-dropping, example of this difference in values that we became aware of regarded GSUSA's involvement in the Girls Only Workshop at the United Nations involving a very offensive Planned Parenthood brochure. It was difficult to accept that this corrupt behavior was of Girl Scouts, whom we both trusted and honored, but after communicating directly with witness, Sharon Slater, and seeing the post on the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) website advocating for "affordable, accessible, safe abortion", it was clear to us that Girl Scouts was far from trustworthy or honorable and that we wouldn’t, couldn’t, support the group in name or financially any longer.  (Note:  See GSUSA's statement that every member of GSUSA is automatically a member of WAGGGS and supports them in name and financially.  The $12 annual membership fee girls pay to GSUSA triggers a quota that is paid by GSUSA to WAGGGS.  See this resource explaining the GSUSA-WAGGGS money flow.)

Leaving Girl Scouts was not a casual, easy, or convenient decision. Girl Scouts was a huge part of our lives that included a bond with our best friends. We had received our Bronze Award, begun our Silver Award, and had plans to complete our Gold Award. Our troop had decided we would stay together through high school. While we recognized the many good things about Girl Scouts, we had to ask ourselves: Will we stand for our beliefs, for the dignity of life, the sanctity of marriage, modesty, purity? Or will we remain true to Girl Scouts? We cannot see any way to truly do both.

This should not be a lesson of Girl Scouts: that you have unknowingly been promoting and supporting a group that stands for the opposite of the beliefs you hold deeply in your heart. We want to do everything we can to prevent this heartbreak for other girls and their families.