Episode 2 -- Girl Scouts Dangerous Liaisons (Part 1)

Click here for documentation: Link to the video showing Kathy Cloninger, GSUSA CEO, stating that Girl Scouts partners with Planned Parenthood for your review or to share. 

Click here for documentation: See examples of how Girl Scouts partners with Planned Parenthood.

Click here for documentation: Who is calling the shots in the Girl Scouts organization? Kathy Cloninger has now stepped down as the GSUSA CEO. Learn more about the new CEO, Anna Maria Chavez, as well as other Executive Girl Scouts USA Staff and Board.

Click here to see the Girl Scouts logo on a Planned Parenthood brochure advertising a controversial event for children as young as 10, called "Dating, Love, Love, Sex and HIV".  Click here to see excerpts from the brochure "It's Perfectly Normal" that was distributed to Girl Scouts attending this Planned Parenthood event which was promoted, endorsed and co-sponsored by Girl Scouts.

Click here for documentation: IPPF Healthy, Happy, Hot brochure (warning: graphic content)

Click here for documentation: Sharon Slater’s personal testimony. Sharon is the President of Family Watch International, mother of seven, and 2007 Arizona Mother of the Year. She was the eye-witness to the 2010 GSUSA sponsored UN event where the IPPF Healthy Happy Hot brochure was made available to girls.

Click here for documentation: GSUSA’s book called Your Voice Your World, page 40: Under the heading Your Global Community: “WAGGGS has 6 teams at the United Nations locations around the world.  The WAGGGS UN team at the United Nations in New York works closely with Girl Scouts of the USA.”

Click here for documentation: GSUSA’s book called Your Voice Your World, page 41: Under the heading It’s Your World-Get to Know It!  It states exactly in this GS book: “Explore organizations such as Amnesty International, the Children’s Defense Fund, the Population Council.” All these groups support abortion rights. When browsing Amnesty International, girls will be linked to Planned Parenthood (click here to view the link on Amnesty’s website).

Click here for documentation: Girl Scouts Councils partner with Planned Parenthood, examples on the Girl Scouts Why Not Truth Page. Also see SpeakNowGirlScouts Planned Parenthood Page by clicking here.

Global Fund For Women (GFW) promoted by GSUSA (note: GFW was promoted to girls by GSUSA for several years from 2005 through 2011. The reference and link to GFW was removed by GSUSA at the beginning of 2012 after our filming. We have a screenshot for you of the original link and badge taken in December 2011 click here. Also see this see this archived link to the official GSUSA Studio 2B website, showing a Girl Scout badge promoting Global Fund For Women: note the date on the top left of the archive Nov 25, 2005.  GSUSA exposed girls to GFW for at least 6 years.) 

Frances Kissling and Catholics For Free Choice, a “Catholic” abortion rights advocacy group, is promoted on GlobalFundForWomen.org, a website presented to girls by GSUSA (click here to see example of what girls could be exposed to on this GSUSA recommended resource)

GSUSA’s Global Action Patch referred girls to StayTeen.org to find out where pregnant teens should go for help. This GSUSA approved resource sends pregnant teens to Planned Parenthood, the world's largest abortion provider, for “help”. Stayteen.org (where GSUSA sends girls to find out about help for pregnant girls) states  Raising a child is hard. Raising a child alone is even harder. Being a teenager is a great time for growing up, getting an education, meeting new people, and having fun–not pregnancy and parenthood. Stayteen.org also tells girls how to obtain birth control without parental knowledge. Click here to see more troubling excerpts from StayTeen.org. The reference to stayteen.org was scrubbed from the badge requirements in 2011 when Girl Scouts received complaints from parents and Catholic youth leaders. Stayteen.org was promoted to girls for over a year on the Girl Scouts USA website. Click here to see an archived link of the of the original badge (be patient, link takes a moment to load) or see a screenshot by clicking here. Look for stayteen.org recommendation on activity #6.

GSUSA's On Your Own Badge referred girls directly to PlannedParenthood.org, calling it a "helpful resource". Click here to see the archive of the badge and GSUSA encouraging girls to visit Planned Parenthood's website (this link takes a moment to load). Or click here to see a screenshot. What does Planned Parenthood tells teens about abortion, parental consent laws, parenting etc? Click here to see for yourself. 

Some Girl Scout Councils partner with Planned Parenthood's "Real Life. Real. Talk." sex-education program. (Note: Real Life. Real Teen. is a project of Planned ParenthoodClick here to see an example of this GS/PP partnership. On the "Real Life. Real Teen." site, "resources to share with your teen" include a website called "Sex, Etc", which contains much troubling content. Among what you could find there is a Question and Answer section that stated that girls should consider that it could be a selfish choice not to have an abortion. Click here to see the screenshot.