Episode 4 -- Indoctrinating Our Daughters: The Girl Scouts' Curriculum

Resources on WAGGGS/GSUSA money flow: Click here to see a money flow chart. Click here to see WAGGGS financial info on GirlScoutsWhyNot WAGGGS page.

Click here to access Better Business Bureau 2008 report on GSUSA showing income from membership dues and other financial info. Click here for BBB 2010 report on GSUSA.

Studio 2B: Journeys’ predecessor was the Girl Scouts’ Uniquely books. Click here to learn more about the any pro-abortion websites listed in the back of these books under the Resources headings.

Click here to see a page scan of the MEdia book for girls in grades 6th to 8th grade which promotes MediaMatters.org.  Click here to see that MediaMatters stated purpose is to counter "Viewpoints [in the media] that tend to overly promote ... a conservative, Christian-influenced ideology." At MediaMatters.org, girls can find much information on support for abortion rights and they can also access the Political Correction website.  In February, 2011 MediaMatters along with 26 other pro-choice organizations wrote a letter to Congress defending Planned Parenthood.  Click here to see Sydney discuss Girl Scouts' promotion of MediaMatters on Fox and Friends.

Click here to see a page scan of the play called Simply Maria promoted in the aMUSE for girls in 4th and 5th grade. GSUSA mocks the Catholic Church in honoring the playwright Josefina Lopez (on pages 50-51) who wrote the play, Simply Maria.  The play ridicules our Holy Catholic Church (ridicules the sanctity of marriage, the dignity of life, motherhood, purity, the priesthood). Click here  to see Simply Maria excerpts.

Click here to view additional Journeys content that conflicts with the teachings of the Church.

Please note, since the Women of Grace series taping, GSUSA has announced that MediaMatters and Simply Maria will be removed in future reprints. In the meantime, GSUSA has created stickers that the girls can put over the erroneous content. Some Girl Scout Councils have announced that the changes made are “optional”.  (Click here to see this announcement)  So girls can either use the content as was originally written promoting MediaMatters and Simply Maria, or they can use the edited “clean” version, it’s their choice.  If indeed GSUSA no longer endorses these problematic resources, no information is available as to how the girls who have already read the GSUSA endorsements of these problematic resources will be notified that GSUSA no longer advises girls to use these resources.